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Who we are

HomeGrown Poultry is the first state-approved poultry processor in the state of Idaho. Poultry processed in our 1920-square foot facility can be resold anywhere with the state of Idaho. HomeGrown Poultry has been in business since 2003, owned and operated by experienced poultry growers.

In 2013, HomeGrown Poultry became 3rd party certified by Food Safety Net Services.  We met the highest standards of animal welfare and food safety. 

We believe growing food for yourself and your family is true food security.

We believe locally-grown food is more nutritious, saves fossil fuel, and supports local farmers. It is true homeland security.

We support local food systems - all the processes that go into producing and distributing food - whether they've developed haphazardly or with careful planning - from breeding crop seeds, to fishing, to raising cattle, to processing food, shipping, storing and selling it.

We support sustainable agriculture - growing food and fibers in a ways that don't compromise the ability of future generations to do the same.

The food supply chains we depend on have been growing longer and more complicated - and this has created new vulnerabilities. Food does not just pass from farm to market to table anymore. The links of these chains pass through more hands, more labs, more companies, more processing facilities, more countries, etc. Too much of this stretching food supply chain is out of sight, and out of public control. We either need to shorten the food supply chains by buying more locally produced food, or do a much better job of overseeing and managing them through all their twists and turns. We believe HomeGrown Poultry has an important role in this system.

What we do top

We slaughter and dress all types of poultry, including chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, chukars, pheasants, quail, and guineas. Our skilled and experienced staff can assure your birds are treated with respect and are humanely handled. At this time we only offer whole poultry. We expect to add cut-up services in the near future.

Animal welfare is very important to us. We have consulted with experts from the Animal Welfare Institute to ensure we are handling the birds in accordance with their standards (www.AnimalWelfareApproved.org). We follow an approved HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) program to provide safe, unadulterated products. Our strict sanitation program ensures a clean and sanitary environment.

Our Facility top

Our new building is one of the newest small-scale poultry processing facilities in the United States. This 1920- square foot building meets the standards of the Idaho Food Code and the USDA for the processing and selling of poultry.

Our facility also incorporates several 'green' design elements. In our effort to save energy we have a light-reflecting roof, clerstory windows to provide light into the interior of the building, operable windows to provide natural ventilation, R-25 insulation in the walls and ceiling, energy efficient windows, natural linoleum in the office area, programmable thermostats, and plans for solar-heated hot water.

Visitors and customers can choose to enjoy our shaded porch or peruse reading materials on poultry found in our lobby. You may also watch the processing if you desire.

Services top

(Prices subject to change at anytime.)

Chicken  $5.00   Includes vacuum sealing, labels,and weight.  

Cut - up Chicken  $2.00 per bird.

Turkey    under 30 pounds            $12.00 
30-34.99 pounds                            15.00
35-39.99 pounds                            17.00
40-44.99 pounds                            19.00
Over 45 pounds                              25.00   
Over 50 pounds                             $30.
(really heavy turkeys wear out the bearings of our equipment and the backs of our employees) 

Guineas, Chuckars, Pheasants, Quail    $5.00 per bird

Ducks & Geese                                    $10.00 
(note: There is a 'right' time and a 'wrong' time to butcher ducks and geese. The 'wrong' time can mean an unsightly, pin-feathery carcass despite our best efforts.
Please call before scheduling them.  Sorry, no guarantees on waterfowl)

Giblets, cleaned                       $1.00 each bird
The necks, hearts, livers, and gizzards from your chickens, cleaned & packaged.

Giblets, saved                          $.25 each bird
The necks, hearts, livers, and gizzards from your chickens.  The gizzards are uncleaned and packaged separately.  The other parts are packed together in bulk. 

Your birds are carefully tracked throughout the process so you are guaranteed the return of the meat you so carefully raised.

Our basic processing service produces a cleaned, whole bird that is bagged in a 2 mil plastic bag and weighed. Giblets are included in each turkey and waterfowl.
Crating service. If you bring your birds loose in a trailer or in the bed of a truck, you should expect to crate your birds upon arrival at HomeGrown Poultry.  We'll help you catch birds as we have time, but our employees must attend to their duties. If you'd like us to catch the birds for you, we charge $2.00 per full crate (about 8-10 birds).
We will gladly help you move crates out of your trailer or truck.  Those crates get heavy! 

How it workstop

1. Call for an appointment 208-278-0127. The summer months and November are our busiest times and we are frequently full two weeks ahead. Please call early.

2. The night before your appointment, take all the feed away from your poultry to help clear the gut. This helps reduce potential contamination and makes processing easier. Please read our 'Day Before' hints page.

3. Bring your poultry to us by the time you were instructed to bring them. Unless you have used one of our crates to transport them, we'll ask you to transfer your birds from your containers to ours. We will try our very best to process your birds while you wait but it may be several hours, even if you just brought a few chickens. Enjoy breakfast in New Plymouth, spend the morning in New Plymouth's unique horse-shoe city park, or shop sales tax-free in Ontario, Oregon - just 12 miles away.

4. Pick up your poultry. Your birds will be returned to you whole and in plastic bags. Turkeys will have the giblets inside. Depending upon when you return to retrieve your birds, they will be thoroughly chilled inside our walk-in cooler, or will be ready for you to put on ice. PLEASE bring BOXES or COOLERS or other transport means for your meat. We have no boxes. Before you pickup your meat, we must be assured that you can maintain the meat at 40 degrees or below. We cannot freeze the meat at this time. Occasionally we have extra ice for sale, but you should bring some in case we have used all of our ice for processing.


We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. We cannot process diseased, dead, or dying animals, even if they have 'just' died in transit. If we find any suspect areas of meat, we will trim away any suspicious areas as directed by the USDA inspector.. Any abuse of animals will not be tolerated. Abuse includes kicking, carrying the animals in unnatural positions, overcrowding, starvation, or indifference to suffering.